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Welcome to Kingdom Empowerment Center

The Elevated Worship Experience

The Elevated Sheep Series


Taking the Unchurched to Kingdom

Then he said to his servants, "the wedding banquet is ready, but those I invited did not deserve to come. So go to the street corners and invite to the banquet anyone you find. So the servants went out and gathered all the people they could find, the bad as well as the good...(Matthew 22: 8-10)

It's The Move

Kingdom Empowerment Center is MOVING to a new location in an major radical and evangelistic way that needs YOU!!! We are not waiting to bring the PEOPLE into the church. Instead we are bringing the church to the people using our gifts, talents, and business minds and REINVENTING what the church should be! Are you interested in becoming a part of this epic move? Click on the button below to learn more about the areas you could assist or serve in,  or to sign up to attend one of our "Interest Meet Ups" to become an active part of this Move!! Whether you are an expert or novice, five or sixty years old, in CHURCH, or out of church, God has need of you NOW!

Through Prophetic Demonstrations, Divine Revelation, Transformative Education, Godly Activation, and Miraculou​s Manifestations, Kingdom Empowerment Center will lead generations of people into their Kingdom purposes paving the way to Kingdom Reformation.

Dream Kidz

Dream Kidz is a ministry department divinely created for kids ages 4-12. It is fresh, engaging, innovative, and developmental for the child who desires to grow both spiritually and naturally with confidence and with a strong village of support. 

The Dream Kidz department is inclusive of a team of trained teachers and instructors who are uniquely called and gifted for the areas they serve in. This includes quality and anointed teachers who make the bible and spiritual development come alive through our "Kingdom Universe" Superhero Curriculum inclusive of animated videos, activities, practical applications in gifts (spiritual and natural) all based on biblical content an​d principal. Also included in our dream kids department is anointed arts instructors with educational and professional background experience to train our kids in the areas of voice, instruments, dance, and productions. In addition the Dream Kidz experience provides opportunities and events for the kids to minister, perform, and build safe relationships with their peers in fellowship and outings with each other.

Building Empowerment Training Wednesdays (B.E.T.)

It's Building Empowerment Wednesdays!! We are not only building you to execute the work you have been called to, in the mountain you've been assigned to do it but, but we are taking the steps to make sure you have God's success in doing it. This means B.E.T is making a huge kingdom investment in you to see that your gifts (both natural and spiritual) indeed make room for you and put you before great men in order to be light that draws others to the Kingdom of God!

1st and 2nd Wednesdays: The Building Rotations

These are training rotations that develop you to operate at your full potential in your Spiritual Gifts and well in​ the Natural Talents God has assigned you.

3rd Wednesdays: Practical Applications

3rd Wednesdays allows all individuals the opportunity to exercise their spiritual muscles and practice their gift in a safe environment for learning.

4th Wednesdays: The Work Room

This Wednesday is designated to hold you accountable to the completion of the work. On 4th Wednesdays the building becomes your work room to connect with who you need to connect with and work the projects or tasks you typically do not make time to do on your own schedule.


Part 1: THE WHAT

In this engaging and interactive training you will become very knowledgeable on what it really means to be saved and what it really is to live saved. 

Part 2: THE WHY

Get ready for some incredibly riveting testimonies, and an opportunity to get very candid as we understand the nature of our God, his desires for you, and his decision to chose you. This gets deep.

Part 3:THE WHO

This is the real fun part. In this training you will discover all the gifts you have access to to become who you were purposed to be while engaging in some powerful demonstrations.

Church In The City

Church in the City is an Evangelistic Movement built on a creative platform that takes the Church outside in order to win more souls to Jesus Christ. This includes a powerful ministry of worship inclusive of prophetic minstrels both vocally and instrumentally, dance, other non-traditional kingdom musical performances, powerful jaw dropping testimonies, and personal prophetic ministry that meets the unchurched audience right where they are. Church in the City typically kicks off in the month of July and ends in the end of August!


We are a prophetic body who believes...

-In the Trinity (God, Jesus, Holy Spirit)

-The Word of God is Truth (Bible)

-In the Power of Love & Oneness

-In the Power of Worship & Praise

-Through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and by the power of Holy Spirit, we have liberty and power to boldly access the Spiritual & Natural gifts that lead us into our purposed mountain assignment as lights in a dark world

-It is our charge to use our uniquely assigned platforms to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to the World

We are living the D.R.E.A.M through...

Divine Worship Encounters

Timely Unadulterated Word from God with Fresh Fiery Perspective

Heavenly Impartations

Building Empowerment Training w/Application

Power Evangelism & Outreach

Empowerment Coaching & Professional Counseling

Creative Arts

Mentoring Programs

Healing & Deliverance

Miracles, Signs, & Wonders

Visit us Sundays, 11:00am at 245 Atlanta Street, McDonough, GA for Something New, Something Fresh, and Something that's Specifically for YOU

We are a safe place of spiritual nourishment & development, training, guidance, coaching, transition, resources, and most importantly love to the lost, misguided, hopeless, uncertain, the unchurched, and the kingdom min​ded laborer in order to empower the people of God then release them into their Kingdom purposes to live prosperous lives in Christ!


We are Out of the Box. We are Radical. We are Real. We are Spirit Driven.We​ are "Kingdom Over Religion."


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