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Meet the Pastors & Elders

The Senior Leaders 

Creative Arts Ministry Department

Youth and Young Adult Ministry Department

Evangelism and Outreach Ministry Department

 Dream Kidz Ministry Department

Healing, Deliverance, and Restoration Ministry Department

Pastor Michael & Prophet Rachel Senior

AKA Phantguar & Dreaming Jaguar

Pastor Michael (PhantGuar) is the Senior Pastor of the House. He is the "Order", the "Hands", and the Protector that ensures that what God desires to come forth or bring to completion comes forth and is completed while protecting the sheep thru counsel, guidance, and a very strong watchful eye accompanied by the Shepherd's rod and staff. 

Prophet Rachel (Dreaming Jaguar) is the Apostolic Prophet of the House. She is the "Visionary", "Trainer", and "Builder" who points the ministry in the direction it is to build based off the heart of God that often times gets communicated to her through prophetic dreams. 

Between the two of them, they have birthed and currently oversee a powerful, radical, outside the box ministry that embodies the Spirt of God, the Love of God, and the Creative Hands and Heart of God. While Prophet Rachel oversees all Building Efforts including the Kingdom Training & Development, Evangelism Initiatives, Special Building Projects, etc., Pastor Michael oversees all the leg work it takes to ensure proper delegation, provision, and execution of these 'Building Assignments" free of natural and spiritual occupational hazards. 

With Prophet Rachel being a Songwriter, Musician, Writer, and Pastor Michael, an amazing business minded visual artist, they are not afraid to lead a new breed of creatives that authentically give the world Jesus in the most expressive, and unique way given to them by their heavenly father emerging as leading forces in the mountains of Media, Arts & Entertainment, and Church. They are the parents of 6 extremely creative and talented children in whom they love.

Prophet Kyle & Elder Janae Robertson

AKA Hailstorm & Octowoman

Prophet Kyle aka "Hails Storm" is the Seeing Prophet of the House. He is a Dreamer, a Seer, a Corrective Voice, and a Prophetic Creative whose creative ministry includes visual arts, fashion design, spoken word, acting, and advocacy for the arts across the country. 

Elder Janae aka "Octowoman" is a Seer with a strong empathic gift. It compliments her ministry for deliverance, and as a nurturing interceding mother of Zion. She is a natural mentor, a gifted counselor, and the founder of the "Jewel Foundation" which provides the outlet she seeks to educate young people on developing and maintaining healthy nurturing relationships. And she uses her powerful testimony of her published book "Jewel" to heal, deliver, and set free people living in forms of bondage.

As a unit they oversee both the Creative Arts Department (spearheaded by Prophet Kyle) and the Youth and Young Adult Ministry (spearheaded by Elder Janae). As two very spiritually driven teachers and prophetic trainers, (with Prophet Kyle being the more demonstrative one) they collectively merge their ministries to draw the overlooked, misunderstood, misguided, youth and young adults to Christ in purpose. In this way, they become another pathway for drawing the Joshua's or older generations of people back into the fold bridging the gap between young and old. 

With Prophet Kyle's artistic influence in the field of Arts Education and Elder Janae's strong educational background in social services and counseling coupled with their powerful prophetic ministry of miracles, God is using this dynamic duo to creatively bring healing, deliverance, instruction, direction, and divine purpose as they open generations of people up to platforms unseen by men. They are the parents of 4 daughters and 1 son. You can learn more about this beautiful family by tuning into their "Living with the Robertsons" Facebook Page.

Elders Darnell & Miranda Cook

AKA Sterno & Koda

Elder Darnell aka "Sterno", is truly the walking epitome of "we are overcome by the power of our testimony". With an overcoming testimony that includes 10 years of prison and reckless living, he operates with an overwhelming level of compassion for the lost, the needy, the hurt, and those living in fear and captivity. He is truly a humble servant lending his hand and his heart to wherever God leads him. He operates in healing, deliverance, wisdom, love, and as a modern day teacher of what it really is to live as a disciple of Jesus Christ. Elder Darnell is the Overseer of our Evangelism and Outreach Department. 

Elder Miranda aka "Koda" is a powerful prophetic alarm in the Kingdom of God. She is an atmosphere shifter. She comes in to break off, shake up, and tear down the walls of opposition that try to interfere with the agenda of Jesus Christ. She is a mighty intercessor, an exhorter, a marketplace evangelist, and has a tremendous passion for the children. Elder Miranda is the Overseer of the Dream Kidz Ministry Department.

Together these two love to keep the kingdom party going!  They do not just passionately serve and fellowship inside the walls but they are known to throw together community events and group gatherings, with that same passion, outside the walls, in their very own surrounding communities serving as a resource, an ear, a physical support, and a safe place for the people of God to be edified, encouraged, uplifted, and comforted. They are outreach because they reach out and they are unapologetically reaching out behind enemy lines and snatching souls one by one from the pit of hell with Holy Spirit, love, and a smile. They are the parents of 2 lovely boys.

Elder Tyshon Waters

AKA Woman of Wonder

Elder Tyshon aka "Woman of Wonder' is just that, a woman of great wonder. The doctors reports we have seen reversed, the illnesses that were suppose to lead to death. She is a walking wonder!

Elder Tyshon is a mighty counselor, healer, deliverer, and prophetic teaching voice fueled and operated from a strong prophetic ministry of intercession. As a licensed therapist, Elder Tyshon is the founder of "Greater Dimensions Counseling and Consulting". She is a secret weapon in the field of mental health, helping transform, restore, and heal lives through her natural and spiritual gifts one session at a time. She is the Overseer of our Healing, Deliverance, and Restoration Department which includes counseling, an operational healing room, and 4 step deliverance program. 

Watch out for her hugs! This is a unique ministry given to her that supernaturally ministers to those she embraces. She has and uncommon gift to comfort, refresh, revitalize, restore, and heal without opening her mouth, just her arms, and this goes for leaders as well. Elder Tyshon is the mother of 3, and the grandmother of 10.

Meet Our Team of Ministers (Kingdom Avengers)

Minister Melissa D. White

Training and Media Production

Minister Alichia Glover

Ignited Flames Dance Ministry

Minister Jenichia Glover

Theatre & Stage Productions

Minister John Olowe

Sound & Media Production

Minister Briana Smith

Healing & Deliverance 

Minister Deion Washington

Kingdom Talent Acquisition

Minister Mylazia Frazier

Healing & Deliverance

Minister Ellis Ford

Kingdom Training & Street Reach

Minister Kendra Grays

Hospitality Operations

Minister Katrina Franklin

Administrative Operations

Minister Mareshah Grogan

Digital Marketing, Media, & Advertising

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