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N.E.T.S. (The Street Banquet)

N.E.T.S. Program

The N.E.T.S. Program Initiative 

Let us go out and be fishers of men!!

N.E.T.S. is acronym for Non-traditional Evangelistic Transit System. This program consist of a evangelistic team of individuals that will strategize in radical and unconventional ways to draw the unbelieving and unchurched back to Christ. This includes the coordination or execution of strategically thought of evangelistic events (Church in the City. The Haunting, The Street Banquet, etc.,) that attract the unchurched and unbelieving audience back to Jesus, and the drawing out from the street corners 

thru creative platforms and systematic solutions that align with the vision and systems of KEC. The N.E.T.S. Program goes beyond the walls. After drawing and winning souls, the N.E.T.S program will align the new in Christ to a winning step by step process that will set a solid foundation in each individual leading them on their way to a healthy and prosperous life in Christ Jesus!

Community Baptism

The Haunting: Life After Death Without Jesus

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