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D.R.E.A.M. Worship Encounter (Every Sunday @11:00am)

Come join us for a Worship Encounter unlike what you've experienced before. We can confidently and authentically speak that because our Worship History has taught us that no two Sundays are done alike. God pours out on us something fresh every time. You can expect, in some shape or form Live Worship, Prayers of Power, Exhortation, A Timely Personal Word of Revelation, and Miraculous Works & Manifestations through the Ministry of  God the Father, Son, & Holy Spirit. Between the heavenly sounds of our worship team "Heaven's Access", the Powerful Team of Ministerial Gifts (Seers, Empaths, Prophetic Intercessors, Prophets, Healing & Deliverance Workers) trained to see, hear, feel, and operate from Heaven to meet you at your point of need, A Seeing and Teaching Pastoral Shepherd, and a Preaching and Training Apostolic Prophet Builder, Sunday service becomes the very movement you have been looking for to heal, deliver, restore, develop, and  launch the "you" God created you to be!   

Note: Children (5-12) will be provided powerfully impressionable bible based lessons in our Dream Kidz Ministry every 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Sunday. Dream Kidz uses a heavenly originated curriculum that uniquely trains the children early on in knowing, growing, and confidently exercising their spiritual gifts while building their solid foundation in Jesus Christ grounded in the Word of God. Learning and growing in Jesus has never been so fun!!!

GEN Z Worship Service 

4th Sundays @11:00am

We are building a platform for our young people to excel in the Kingdom of God and we are using 4th Sundays' Worship services to do it. 4th Sundays zero in on our youth and young adults. Not only do we make Kingdom Life relevant to them on this Sunday, we give our young people an outlet to lead and operate in the services as God leads them. The youth minister to the people of God with artistic gifts including song and dance, the word, and prayer, and they do it with the love and power of Jesus Christ. Gen Z services are an entire Kingdom Production.

Building Empowerment Training

 (B.E.T. Wednesdays)

It's Building Empowerment Wednesdays!! We are not only building you to execute the work you have been called to, in the mountain you've been assigned to do it but, but we are taking the steps to make sure you have God's success in doing it. This means B.E.T is making a huge kingdom investment in you to see that your gifts (both natural and spiritual) indeed make room for you and put you before great men in order to be light that draws others to the Kingdom of God!

1st and 2nd Wednesdays: The Building Rotations

These are training rotations that develop you to operate at your full potential in your Spiritual Gifts and well in​ the Natural Talents God has assigned you.

3rd Wednesdays: Practical Applications

3rd Wednesdays allows all individuals the opportunity to exercise their spiritual muscles and practice their gift in a safe environment for learning.

4th Wednesdays: The Work Room

This Wednesday is designated to hold you accountable to the completion of the work. On 4th Wednesdays the building becomes your work room to connect with who you need to connect with and work the projects or tasks you typically do not make time to do on your own schedule.

The EmPowering Prayers of the Righteous (Quarterly Gathering)

While we have round the clock teams of intercessors interceding on behalf of KEC and the People of God in general, we understand the power of, and the need for the corporate gathering for prayer.  This gathering is a very intimate moment of powerful prayer where the heart and mind of God is seen, felt, and heard. These prayers provide direction, instruction, and alert us to some of the things we can so easily miss in order to strengthen and build up the body of Christ for our assigned kingdom works. Meet us at the alter on the last Tuesday of the month January, April, July, and October @5am where the atmosphere is always set. 

The Healing Room (1st & 3rd Saturdays @11:00am)

The healing room is the healing pool and more. Come allow God to touch you in the place where healing is needed. We have trained healing gifts (persons) ready to push you into your supernatural healing manifestation. These include people who are called and trained to flow in the gifts of healing and healing counselors are trained to counsel you through the full manifestation of your healing. Have you received a bad report? Are you in need of a physical healing in your body?Are you in need of emotional healing in your heart? Get to the healing room where you are surrounded by people with the faith to believe and the power to bring forth your healing manifestation.  1st Saturdays are by appointment only while 3rd Saturdays are open to the public.



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